Fukushima Craft Prerolls

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Fukushima Prerolls are a very high quality all bud preroll joint thats soaked in distillite and rolled with a layer of kief covering the entire outside of the joint. Highly potent and recommended to be shared with a few friends!Available in Indica and Sativa


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Indica, Sativa

26 reviews for Fukushima Craft Prerolls

  1. libragirl779 (verified owner)

    These are great! Very potent and first time users beware…do not take a huge pull or you will choke very badly lol! Great for sharing and also good for at least three solo sessions. Worth the $20 for sure!

  2. jason lacourse (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff I’d have to say with an island high. Don’t recommend smoking it all to yourself ???? well worth the price

  3. Chelsea Castor (verified owner)

    Perfect spliff for the advanced smoker, I was surprised at the strength of the effects, I was giggly for a few hours! Can be a little harsh, especially towards the end but that probably just because concentrates burn hotter… but either way, beware of the coughs because they’re inevitable but so worth it!

  4. jason lacourse (verified owner)

    For a group or if you want a great buzz, not for the light smokers that’s for sure. Great taste also

  5. mattcooper1988 (verified owner)

    These are unbelievable!! Great taste and strong like a bull .. well worth the 20$ . Get them before everyone realizes what they are missing!!

  6. jason lacourse (verified owner)

    I’ve only gotten the indica so far and it’s an amazing hight that’s sure, don’t make any plans ????

  7. rene.floyd1999 (verified owner)

    These put me on cloud 9! Got me a good few sessions and got me good.

  8. XxHyde840xX (verified owner)

    Had a great deal of trouble finishing the sativa preroll with a few buddies. Well worth the price. Can’t wait to grab more!

  9. krabbyalex11 (verified owner)

    The indica one just knocked me out half way #kushkoma
    It was rolled nicely and covered evenly with Keith definitely a nice sesh

  10. krabbyalex11 (verified owner)

    Sataiva is a different hit I’m just amazed

  11. Blazin Raisins (verified owner)

    Pretty good, a little sticky, but overall will get you pretty blazed.

  12. andrew16leslie (verified owner)

    Very strong not for novice users. Only complaint is that it went out about halfway and I couldn’t get it to pull properly after that

  13. PHILIP REED (verified owner)

    These bad boys rock. Can’t find a harder hitting joint anywhere. Blunts are a thing of the past. These are worth every cent.

  14. scottplager (verified owner)

    Amazing fukishima joints

  15. fabtor64 (verified owner)

    Super Strong great taste. 5 Stars

  16. Juveriah Junaid (verified owner)

    I got the sativa; I’ll be honest, I was expecting a stronger high. Based off previous reviews I was expecting to get quite high from this pre roll, but it just didn’t get to that point for me. That being said, still a great smoke and the high was still enjoyable, just not as strong as I would have thought!

  17. lidiavaiman (verified owner)

    I chose the indica. Hands down the best pre rolls.

  18. rawn321 (verified owner)

    Burns like a cigar well rolled perfect for those nights when you don’t have time to roll one up

  19. krabbyalex11 (verified owner)

    Great smoke worth a try even for a veteran smoker

  20. DenizenK (verified owner)

    Tried the indica. Burns nice and evenly (which was my only concern when i opened it) and produces a lovely, long-lasting high. It didn’t put me out, but when I did get to sleep I slept better than I have in ages. Will definitely be purchasing again, it’s worth every penny.

  21. Vickey Vail (verified owner)

    Potent and delicious but I found they were prone to getting fiery and out of hand quickly. Mine burned down very fast and I could hardly keep up with them.

  22. jerr (verified owner)

    These are amazing! Super tasty and gets you so high

  23. rawn321 (verified owner)

    Make sure you have your shit together before smoking. After your done your a nice I don’t give a fuck high

  24. agriffin48 (verified owner)

    This was my new year gift to myself. Lots of reviews say to share but no way, smoked it all to myself, no issues. Got me nicely high and very smooth to smoke. I’m an advanced smoker so needed something strong and it did the job! Lit it once and didn’t have to relight. No canoing either, which I find happens with a lot of pre rolls. Worth the 20 bucks for sure.

  25. Giancarlo Beevis (verified owner)


  26. angtemple (verified owner)

    Fun and smooth!

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