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Willo Gummies


Willo’s products are curated with only the highest quality cannabis, handled by Willo’s licensed extractioners, and made with love in Toronto, Canada.

*First time cannabis users are recommended to start with half a gummy and wait for effects before slowly increasing dosage.


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Willo’s products are curated with only the highest quality cannabis, handled by Willo’s licensed extractioners, and made with love in Toronto, Canada.

*First time cannabis users are recommended to start with half a gummy and wait for effects before slowly increasing dosage. Remember, it can take 2-3 hours to feel effects.


What is Winterized CO2 full-spectrum oil?

In a typical CO2 extraction, extraction parameters can be tuned to produce crude oil that contains 45-80% cannabinoids and terpenes. The remaining portion will consist of co-extracted components from the feedstock that are either highly soluble in CO2 at the given processing parameters; or, have low solubility but are easily accessible and co-extracted with limited mass transfer resistance. A process called winterization can be employed to remove the co-extracted fraction.

In this process, the extracted crude oil is mixed with another solvent and exposed to cold temperature to precipitate some amount of the undesirable co-extracted solids. The solids are then separated from the liquid through a filtration process, yielding what is known in the industry as a “winterized oil.” Depending on the desired outcome of the process, the oil may be further processed or purified or formulated directly into retail products.

Why is Winterized better?

  • Fats dilute the cannabinoid fraction, lowering the purity
  • Fats can cause distillate to be less transparent hurting its value.
  • In vape pens, they can burn on the coil and cause the pen to taste burnt.

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Magic Mango – Night, Rappin' Raspberry – Day, Bubble Tea – Day, Lullaby Lavender – Night, Lovely Lime – Day, Poppin' Pink Champagne – Day, Relaxing Raspberry – CBD, Peaceful Peach – CBD, Bumpin' Blueberry – Day, Wonderful Watermelon – Night, Pleasant Peach – Night, Preppy Pineapple – Night, Blueberry – CBD

43 reviews for Willo Gummies

  1. bent1981 (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best Sativa edibles. Definitely recommend it. And the flavours are delicious. ????????

  2. libragirl779 (verified owner)

    Love these gummies! They taste good and give you nice relaxing high. Helpful for a good nights sleep as well.

  3. lidiavaiman (verified owner)

    So yummy and great for relaxation

  4. lidiavaiman (verified owner)

    Great for day time. Great for concentrate

  5. pdmarsh (verified owner)

    These Willo Gummies are great; the best edible I have had. Very relaxing. The gummies are of good and consistent quality.

  6. lidiavaiman (verified owner)

    My fave edible.

  7. lidiavaiman (verified owner)

    Great day time gummy. Make sure you eat too much will make you a little sick if no food

  8. libragirl779 (verified owner)

    Great gummies! The lavender ones are yummy and do the trick for a relaxing night.

  9. sammy16 (verified owner)

    The taste of these gummies is unreal! Super yummy, no aftertaste… totally discreet. Enjoyable flavours! Sativa had me going like the energizer bunny and the indicas hit nicely. Be prepared to munch!

  10. Erin Bermann (verified owner)

    My favourite daytime edible. Helps me stay focused at work. Get a great high. No anxiety feeling like some other strains

  11. lucas_a_milani (verified owner)

    these slapppp

  12. rand.dal_96 (verified owner)

    not only do these taste good and have a non-sticky feel to them, but they also hit the spot JUST RIGHT.

  13. jes.stulberg (verified owner)

    Some of the best edibles I’ve taken. The flavours are amazing and after taking 20mg they gave me a perfect high.

  14. scottrmhardie (verified owner)

    Very tasty and good to share with beginners.

  15. Ryan Mongeon (verified owner)

    Great tasting the best so far. The more you eat the better they work

  16. Jay (verified owner)

    Best tasting gummies I’ve had.

  17. scottrmhardie (verified owner)

    Very tasty and nice effect

  18. scottrmhardie (verified owner)

    Great for late afternoon

  19. jes.stulberg (verified owner)

    Lime was so good new favourite flavour!!

  20. John Kaczor (verified owner)

    Found the Lime sativa gummies to be tasty and energetic. Found the 10 mg portion to be a little too strong now take 5 mg portions at a time and everything is good.

  21. Jonathan Luftig (verified owner)

    Great candies that pack a punch. I only take one and I’m good for a while. Start with half or a quarter if you’re a new user and work your way up.

    Good for a lazy afternoon.

  22. sammy16 (verified owner)

    Blueberry – such a delicious flavour! Love these.

  23. sammy16 (verified owner)

    Best flavour!! Amazing and calming buzz.

  24. jerricacrosbyy (verified owner)

    I got these in the champagne daytime flavour. Tastes exactly like champagne. This got my casual stoner friend zooted off one. If you’re tolerance is higher pop a handful of these and you’re good to go

  25. scottplager (verified owner)

    I don’t personally like gummies but my friends really enjoyed them and got super high haha

  26. laurynsshields (verified owner)

    the lavender ones have literally changed my life. they help me sleep more than anything i’ve ever tried, truly it knocks me out and i have such a deep sleep, but i wake up refreshed and alert unlike what melatonin does

  27. neil_lostone (verified owner)

    This is a reasonably priced pleasant sleep aide. Tastes good too.

  28. sammy16 (verified owner)

    Poppin pink champagne was an AMAZING flavour. These are probably the most discreet edibles I’ve ever purchased.

  29. kelliemchugh (verified owner)

    obsessed with these!!! my new fav edibles, they taste really good and give you a great high!

  30. L.H (verified owner)

    Delicious flavour, no weedy taste, and not sticky like some other brands I’ve tried. Definitely guarantees a good night’s rest. Great value for your money.

  31. Juveriah Junaid (verified owner)

    Got the blueberry and they were amazing. I think I found a new favourite brand for edibles. I have yet to try the indicia but I’m sure they’ll be just as great as the sativa.

  32. Juveriah Junaid (verified owner)

    Tried the lavender indicia gummies this time and they were great. Ate 2 and come bed time they knocked me out

  33. llofchick (verified owner)

    these are awesome, even half helps me sleep thru the night! will buy again

  34. llofchick (verified owner)

    so delicious, and potent,,, half is good for me!

  35. jenalysebuchholz (verified owner)

    the daytime ones actually had me super hyper. needed to take a night one to even it out haha.

  36. Jodi Fernandes (verified owner)

    Super fresh and tasty. Great buzz. Would definitely order again.

  37. Jodi Fernandes (verified owner)

    One of the best gummies I have tried. Fresh, tasty, great to chill out with.

  38. (verified owner)

    Good product, I enjoy the willo gummies

  39. Captain Cod (verified owner)

    Good value, taste great (e.g. no “cannabis taste” and great flavours), nice effect/s (I have only tried the Indica and they are great for night time and sleep). I really liked these but for one issue and that is (in my view/experience) they are sometimes a bit inconsistent in terms of dosing (i.e. between gummies within the same pack). They are also a little small compared to other gummies (e.g. the Shatter gummies). For some this might be good because it makes them discrete as well as quick/easy to consume. But, if you don’t want the full dose, cutting them in half for a half dose etc. can be a little bit of a challenge. But worth the money for sure!

  40. bianca.lupo (verified owner)

    these are hands down the bestt gummies. the taste is unparalleled. lavender is the best. will is the best company

  41. bianca.lupo (verified owner)

    great for fun in the sun

  42. megandouglas14 (verified owner)

    Pleasant Peach Night Gummies. Would recommend. Tasted great and helped me wind down for the night!

  43. Peatie Von’Hashinstein (verified owner)

    Watermelon tastes great! Potency was good

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